last weekend aka #aandtayday

If you follow me on any form of social media, you probably know by now that my brother got married a month ago (today!) to the sweetest, prettiest, cutest veggie eating gal around, Taylor. You also may or may not know that Taylor is my best friend’s sister.   For a long time, Whitney and I kinda pretended like the relationship wasn’t a real thing and would try not to talk about it.  It wasn’t because we didn’t like it, we loved the idea of it! It was more so because jussst in case things went south, we didn’t want it to effect our friendship. Well, over the course of four years of dating, they hit rough spots, just like we all do/did/have done.  And in those tough moments,  we watched the two of them change, mature in their faith, and grow closer together.  And you know how they were rewarded for their perseverance and trust in the Lord? No rain on their wedding day :) 

The word grateful isn’t even big enough to describe my emotions towards this whole beautiful situation. I feel honored Taylor decided to join our family. And I am thankful for getting to live their wedding day with them.  It was one of my favorite days I've ever lived!  

The images below are from my phone and my Instagram, Chris' Instagram, Whitney’s Instagram,  photographer Clark Brewer’s Instagram, and other’s which you can find under their hashtag #aandtayday. We really couldn’t thank our vendor friends enough for all the hard work, patience, and love they put into the day! (Hermitage Farm, Lindsey LeMaster, Melissa Croft of Brady & Co, Jon Vernak and his team, Clark Brewer, Hali B., Joe at Morri’s Deli)   Can’t wait to see the real images!! 

This is my brother putting up lights around the dance floor a couple days before the wedding. "Think she will like it?"  

This moment of sugary pleasure came out of pure anxiousness.  The cake lady left extra icing and I ate it from a spoon while waiting for Taylor to get ready :) 


These are Alex and Taylor's wedding crowns.  This is my one of my favorite parts about the Orthodox wedding ceremony.  There's a part in the service where they wear the crowns   representing the king and queen of the marriage.  You can read about the tradition here!