last weekend

Last week was my first wedding back after a month and a half long break.  Today I am 5 days post wedding and still feeling the hangover, but it was so worth it!!!  It was an incredible wedding with an incredible couple- it was lush and blush, Parisian inspired (with their own Parisian scented candle that we are all obsessed with!) and super personal and intimate. One day I will share pictures of the details, but for now, these behind the scenes shots will do :) 

I had the BEST team this past weekend. Of course, my mom and my Chris were on board and did an incredible job with all the crazy tasks I threw at them. My friend Bekah helped make the centerpiece garlands- she's amazing and not one fell apart (this deserves three thumbs up emojis!)  My talented calligrapher pen pal friend Rachel Fisher (plus new baby Haddie and mother-in-law Toni!) came all the way from Memphis to see her work in action.  Whitney shot the wedding and our friend/studiomate Abby assisted! And of course, Weekend Wedding Warrior Maggie + team coordinated the wedding.  It was a #dreamteam for sure!  

We used mixed metals and textures for this weekend- gold and silver mercury glass, gold vases, vintage candle sticks and bottles. 

This is my sassy mom filling up water buckets.  Clearly putting your hand on your hip is hereditary... 

The joy I had seeing Rachel in the studio making calligraphy magic was just beyond.  I wish she could be here everyday!!! BTW I deckled all the edges of the invitations three images above.  I am a pro deckler now, if you ever need a lesson! ;) 

Late night garland making sessions with Bekah and Papalino's pizza are my fave kind of nights! 

Whitehall is such a gorgeous venue.  The way my bride used the property this past weekend was the way it should be used- guests entered through the house and walked all the way through the gardens to get to their seats.  I just loved that the grounds were shown off in all their glory! 

#dreamteam deserved a dozen donuts!!!