Brick & Rose Inspiration

I've learned over the years (especially the past 2)  that there are 2 things that make me extremely irritable, anxious and a horrible person to be around-  when I am broke (I assume/hope you can relate to that one...)  and when I feel truly uninspired.  I never realized the latter until I went to Joy Thigpen's  (creative director of the wedding blog Once Wed) workshop down in Atlanta a month ago (I promise, promise, promise I will fill you in on it this week!) Being around people who felt so strongly about creating and appreciating beautiful experiences like I do is something that hasn't left my mind since I left Georgia.  In order for me to create beauty and inspire my brides (friends, family, and acquaintances too!) I need to be constantly inspired.  I think a lot of us feel this way and is probably why we are all still Pinning at 2am.....

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Since I'm not a big blogger-I've decided the easiest way to me to communicate with you is to attempt to visually inspire you (and me!!!!)  via weekly inspiration boards.  You may love the boards, you may hate them, but study them- learn new color combinations, let the images imprint in your mind.  Appreciate them for what they are .  Don't write it off because it's not necessarily your taste- I believe everything we see inspires us subconsciously- it just takes seeing beauty in a new or different way to immediately affect us.  -JJ


1. Steven Meisel 2. RHS Prints 3. Derek Henderson 4. Poppies & Posies