Rustic Yellow & White Wedding Featured on Wedding Row Kentucky!

Today,  Joel & Katherine's Mellwood wedding was featured on Wedding Row Kentucky! I loved making her bouquet.  And, I loved this couple.  To me, learning the story of the bride and groom is just as important as creating the bride a beautiful bouquet.  Learning their story is what inspires the bouquet. Their story, love, and personality are what inspires the wedding.  

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Joel, the groom, contacted me back in January to see if I could help design their wedding since they lived in Texas and would not be in Louisville until their wedding weekend in May.  This was the first time a groom had contacted me and I was pretty excited- I would see this whole process from his perspective rather than the bride's.  By the end of our string of emails, all I knew he wanted was a rustic wedding, bourbon barrel bar, and lots of craft beer! Ha!  A few months passed before I talked with the bride and once I finally got to talking with her, I got their vision. And I loved it.

These two are a couple who had given up on love and then found each other when they least expected it.  The same thing happened for me. When I said I DID NOT WANT A BOYFRIEND, Chris unexpectedly came along.  It really does show that nothing is in our hands and when it is our time to meet the person we are meant to be with forever, it will just happen.  So, after that happens for you, give me a call and I will do your wedding!