A friend once told me "Jaclyn, you are so deeply rooted in history."  She is right- I am so heavily inspired by history. I think that comes from the way I was raised- my church, my family, our ethnic heritage. My style (personal and business!) leans vintage. I adore old textiles, textures and a vintage aesthetic.  I always feel so connected to old things- I spend time imaging how it was made and try to visualize the innovation and creativity that went into it.  I actually recently learned that analyzing all the angles of something is a trait of an ENFP.  Ultimately it just makes me think in circles and circles, but also (on the plus side!)  it helps with my attention to detail and understanding of people in general, I think? 

We recently went back to Charleston for a hot minute in August, and made it a priority to spend some time at Drayton Hall, an 18th century historic home right outside the city.  A friend of mine had given us a glowing review of it and since her and I share a similar style, I knew we had to see it. You guys, this place gave me full on heart eyes emoji for the full hour and a half we were there. The house is 'stabilized' not fully restored, so it looks the same now as it did 100 years ago- chipped paint and all.  Don't get me wrong, I adored my awe-struck tour of the Biltmore in all it's restored glory, but this was something I've never seen before.  It was erie and beautiful.  It literally felt like we were standing in the past.  No air conditioning, no electricity, no furniture, nothing.  It was just the walls and hundreds of years of history. 

These are height measurements of the family over the years! Such a lovely piece of history! 

Mr. Architect/Woodworker, Chris, was also clearly in heart eyes emoji mode. 

I joined the National Trust for Historic Preservation and they gave me a silver rice spoon as a thank you/membership gift.  (I joined secretly just because I wanted the spoon)  ;)