My Studio

My shared studio at the Pointe for the last year and a half has been mostly for meetings, and the occasional photo shoot or workshop.  After some recent moving and shifting of desks AND the anxiously awaited sink installation, we decided to move my flower mess from our basement to Butchertown!  I mean, what's more fun than moving your studio a week before wedding season???!

My sweet husband Chris built all my shelves with his amazing man building skills!  He's really resourceful and never winces at the request of "I need this built in 4 days, can you make it happen?"  

I love getting to utilize this space for more than just meetings/girl talk/hanging out.  It's way more fun than working out of my dark, cold basement, although, I do kind of miss rolling out of bed and playing with flowers in my pajamas... 

You can really see my prop hoarding tendencies in these photos.  This is about a quarter of the stuff I've accumulated over the past few years (the rest is still in our basement)   I view it as the early beginnings of my future prop house.  As a friend recently pointed out, at least I'm in an industry where my hoarding habits are tax write-offs, so it makes it slightly less bad...?