Nepali Bridal Session

The concept of 'foraging' is trending pretty hard these days in the wedding and floral world.  I love nature, but hate bugs, so unless I am in a pinch for a flower or leaf in a particular shape or color, I call my friend Bekah to do all my rural clipping.  So, you can imagine, when I found out I would have to forage for flowers for my whole time in Nepal, my palms got a little sweaty.  But, I was up for the challenge and it ended up being an incredible experience.  If onnnnly we had gotten photos of me doing death defying feats like climbing on mountain side ledges to trim little yellow berries (I'm a klutz and SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DOING THAT ALONE...)  

The mountain resort we stayed at for our first week in Nepal, The Fort Resort, was pretty incredible.  It had been damaged some by the earthquake the year before, but was still meticulously maintained.  

 photo by Nina & Wes Photography 

photo by Nina & Wes Photography 

4pm was my favorite part of the day.  The sweet Nepali man, in the photo below, watered every single potted plant up and down the mountainside at the same time every day.   I loved watching him take such care of his job, and while I hoped to take the practice home with me, I miserably failed at it this summer-sorry, plants.... In the photo below, you can see him and his green watering cans, and construction they are doing to restore the quake damaged parts of the building. 

I had been eying a super LUSH bunch of jasmine vine that was growing on a tree right outside the resort since the moment we arrived in Nagarkot.  My first thought was to make a massive bouquet of it and that's exactly what I got to do!!! Below are the photos to prove it!

Thank you, Magnolia Rouge, for featuring the beautiful bride Suraksha, my foraged work, and the stunning Himalayan backdrop.

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