F L O R A L   D E S I G N 

Flowers are a gift.  The beauty they provide, the fleeting moment  they are at their prime, the varieties, colors, and composition of an arrangement - all of these things add to the environment for your wedding day.  It becomes a reflection of you, whether you realize it or not!  My goal is to take the natural beauty given to us and use it to design a space that  leaves your guests  feeling inspired even after they've left your wedding.  

 I offer in house floral for all the brides I plan for, as well as floral design services for brides who only need me to style up their flowers.  This can include arches, bouquets, centerpieces, hair flowers, large installations, and all the rest!  My floral design services start at $5,000.  Contact me for a price list and more information! 

Let's talk blooms!