You’ve got a curated style and a close knit tribe.

You know what you want your wedding to be like … just aren’t quite sure how to execute it.

My heart & approach is to seamlessly meet you where you are, offering cohesive aesthetic styling and bespoke wedding design.

I want to give YOU time to enjoy your engagement and the peace-of-mind knowing you’ve been heard, and you’re in the hands of a planning, visual, and floral design expert.


As Seen In


ASIDE FROM SPENDING TIME WITH my family & friends, I love....

traveling to new places inside and outside the States (most recently, Nepal)

working through Entertainment Weekly's top 100 movies

binging shows like Chef's Table, Felicity, Parenthood, and most importantly, The Bachelor

dinner dates with friends

4 mile walks through Cherokee Park

an amazing glass of wine (have you ever seen A Year in Burgundy?)

reading baby books & treating myself to new leggings, BECAUSE(!) we are expecting a baby in January! 

With the Zappos outlet only 20 minutes from here, shoe shopping’s impossible to resist, as are lattes from Sunergos, buttermilk popsicles from Steel City Pops and maple walnut ice cream from Comfy Cow.  And now you know me in a nutshell: family, wine, shoes, sugar -- what else could a girl need?!

M Y  T E A M 



CHRIS | Husband
Chris is a  problem solver like me, so together we both believe everything is possible.  "Hey, Chris, could you build me a 20x20 frame structure and then figure out how to attach it to the ceiling by Friday?"  And yes, he always figures it out. He's my arbor builder, garland hanger, and dream maker and you'll likely meet him at some point throughout this process, or for a split second on your wedding day!

KAT | Studio Manager
Kat has been one of my closest friends nearly my entire life and when I heard she was moving back and staying in Louisville for a bit, I knew she would be an incredible asset to my team. I mean, I already bounce ideas off her  anyway so she might as well be paid for it, right?  She is always around on wedding days doing everything from loading and unloading the car 30 times to making the cutest boutonnieres you’ll ever see!


The JJW Bride


Loves her coffee ritual like she loves her good pair of boots

Has stacks of Elle Decor, CN Traveler, & novels on her nightstand

Believes in hostess gifts and the power of a handwritten thank you note

Swoons over deconstructed elegance -- from garden style flowers to wedding day hair

Dreams of a big ‘ole intimate affair (yes, that can be a thing)

Thinks garland arbors are magical