s e r v i c e s 


I specialize in designing and executing comfortable, personality driven luxury events.  As designer, I will help you execute your vision--either to help you initially in preparing and organizing your plans or throughout the entire design process.  It is my job to define your dreams and vision in order to help you determine your overall look and feel.  The process of design and styling begins with you talking and me listening.  My goal is to obtain a firm grasp on your style and get a clear idea of your vision--to better understand your interests and personality, so we can work together to express who you are visually.  Once your vision is set, we will begin designing the event.  Together, we will decide on the layout of the space and determine the rest of the design elements--linens, paper details, source props, lighting, fashion styling, and my favorite part--flowers!  No detail is overlooked during the design process.  On the day of your event, I will be there to style every element and make sure the look is fully executed as you envisioned.    I typically take only 4-5 full design + planning weddings a year at overall wedding budgets of $100k+.   If you are interested in inquiring, send me a note through the contact form to reserve your date!  From there, I will create a custom proposal based on your personal needs and vision. 


You love flowers? Me too!  I see them as the anchor to the design of the wedding- the colors, blooms, and style set the tone and feel for a harmonious event. Together, we can discuss your hopes and budget to create something beautiful.  I typically take on about 6-8 floral only weddings per year.  Floral pricing begins at $4,500.  Inquire through the contact form for more information.  

 I love to travel! Whether your wedding be domestic or abroad, I would love to be a part of it.  Contact me for more information on how it works!