For us, a wedding begins the moment you arrive and lasts until you head home. With a welcoming southern mindset and an elevated, refined and elegant style we create experiences that reflect the couple’s style and unique backgrounds. Based in Louisville, KY, our event experience extends across the country and throughout the world.

 Photos by Whitney Neal Studios 

Photos by Whitney Neal Studios 

The Jaclyn Journey Weddings aesthetic is restrained opulence - rich textures, lush florals, and a lavish ambiance while remaining refined, effortless, and approachable. We achieve this by creating a living event space accentuating the locale. Whether it be an existing structure or building an entire venue from nothing, we make the event space an extension of the surrounding while using the landscape as inspiration. Locations are not limiting. 

We use styled, dense florals, trees, and greenery to create depth. Our focus is on having a neutral palette with pops of color - dark or vibrant. We create a space where you and your guests can feel at home - providing relaxed, intimate areas within a large setting. Inspiration comes from the couple. Every design will be different because we take your personal style and life experiences and incorporate them into your wedding. After booking, you will have an inspiration session with Jaclyn Journey, Founder + Director of Design, where you will start to put together ideas you want to incorporate into your experience. These ideas usually include history, art, travel, and culture in addition to wedding inspiration. This is where we start to get to know more about the couple - Did you have an incredible meal in Paris? Is there a lounge you love to go before a night out? Do you have any couple's traditions? Is there a flower that was in your grandmother's garden? Does the scent of a bonfire bring back a poignant memory? We strive to include thoughtful details when creating the mood and aesthetic for your wedding. 

Our goal is to be the calm force in the planning process. With a collective twenty-year event planning experience, we know every problem has a solution and work to diffuse stressful moments with grace. We are resourceful problem solvers at our core, with each team member experienced, savvy, and proficient in their role. From the beginning, we start off the process by reminding our couples that planning a wedding should remain joyful as we work together planning a marriage celebration.  Together we will create lasting memories, not just for the guests, but for the couple to reminisce upon their engagement and wedding, remembering the sweetest moments while their life together begins.   

We take on a very small number of weddings per year so we can give our all to each couple. After the inspiration session, you will receive a comprehensive design plan within 120 days. We will then make any adjustments within 30 days. Along with a series of three site visits (during the design plan window, 60 days prior, and 30 days prior) this becomes our manual for the wedding. We truly believe that the wedding is a celebration of your marriage. You are hosting the most important people in your life, in a beautiful setting, over a beautiful meal, creating memories. We want to make those memories enduring, beautiful, and happy. 

Typical wedding budgets begin at $100k.