From start to finish, whether local or afar, we aim to create luxury, detailed, and effortless environments for you and your guests.  

Photos by Whitney Neal Studios 

Photos by Whitney Neal Studios 


 We start with you talking and us listening. From the very start, our job is to get a firm grasp of your style and clear idea of who you are so we can cast a personality-driven vision.  Our main goal is to make your family, friends, and guests feel loved and taken care of.  Details matter, and we will handle everything during the planning and design process (layout, florals, linens, paper and props, welcome boxes and so much more).   From arrival to the hotel or the exit at a horse farm, together with our team, we will make sure no detail goes unnoticed.  


Typical wedding budgets begin at $100k.  Contact us through the contact form for more information





"As the last of my friends to get married, I knew what I didn't want, and very specifically what I DID want.  Jaclyn guided me through the whole process and helped me execute my wedding exactly as I envisioned and I am forever grateful. -Taylor, former bride

"Meeting Jaclyn Journey was a wedding miracle. Being an out of town bride, I knew I needed to find someone who could not only oversee aesthetic design, but guide me throughout the entire planning process. Jaclyn is a true artist who cares immensely about every single detail.-Desi, former bride

"Jaclyn was fundamental throughout the entire design process.  She became a friend, a source of calm when I was feeling overwhelmed, and a cheerleader. She was always in my corner.  She wanted me to have a beautiful wedding because she is just that sincere.  - Ashley , former bride