I am so excited to announce our 6th annual Wreath Gatherings at the studio! This is one of my favorite events of the year. Every attendee comes in so nervous to create their own wreath and ends up leaving feeling empowered, encouraged, and creative. And the best part is nobody creates the exact same thing.  It’s a perfect example of why I love designing weddings so much – everyone views the world so differently, creates so differently, and expresses them so differently.  It’s inspiring to watch!

This year, we are allowing attendees to create either a wreath or a garland – put it on or around the front door, on a dining room table, in your kitchen…you pick!  And, if you need a second option, we are offering FIY “Forage it Yourself’ wreath kits this year! We know not everyone is able to come to our gatherings, so you can swing by and grab a kit for yourself or take one to a friend!  The catch is, you have to forage the greenery yourself.  You will be so surprised by the amount of foliage you can cut around your home.  We will include some instructions with your kit and give you a bit of guidance on what to cut.

Every year we are so grateful to see new and past attendees.  It’s become a tradition with so many who come every year and I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that people come back.  They’ve watched my business grow and change and I get to see them create something new every single year.

We love when groups of friends or family come and are happy to accommodate large parties.  We can even do private gatherings! If you are interested in something like that, please reach out to jaclyn [at] or get in touch through our contact page.  

I hope you can make it!