We design and plan bespoke weddings that take place locally and afar. The process begins with an inspiration session where you share the history of your relationship, family background, life experiences, travel, personal aesthetic, and priorities. From there, we’ll work with you to custom curate the design of your wedding weekend. In addition to helping you have a meaningful and memorable wedding celebration, we’ll make sure your guests are thoughtfully taken care of from the moment they step off the plane to the second they say goodbye.
Aside from managing all of the design and logistics, we also find that our couples look to us as guides to help them navigate the expectations, traditions, and requirements around weddings. We will be your listening ear and trusted confidant throughout the entire process.

Our aesthetic is refined, distinct, and curated. We use layered textures and florals to create an ambiance that feels luxurious but is still natural, effortless, and approachable. We achieve this by designing a living event space that accentuates the environment. Whether you choose to have your wedding in an existing structure or build an entire venue from the ground up, we use the landscape as an inspiration to make the space an extension of your special spot. We use styled, dense florals, trees, and greenery to create depth. Our focus is on having a neutral palette with pops of color – dark or vibrant. We create harmonious spaces where you and your guests can feel at home and create memories through all of the senses.

Our design process begins with an inspiration session. We will use history, art, travel, culture, fashion, the senses, and your personal life experiences to identify your style and what elements resonate with meaning for you.  Is there a flower that was in your grandmother’s garden that is sentimental to you? Does the scent of a bonfire bring back a poignant memory? Is there a lounge you love to go to and want to recreate the vibe for your after party? Do you have any couple’s traditions that could be turned into a unique activity during cocktail hour? These are the thoughtful details that allow us to tailor the mood and aesthetic for your wedding.

We excel at building venues from scratch at private estates, horse farms, backyards, etc.  We especially love planning events at venues and locations that have meaning in our couples’ lives as they set an intentional tone for the wedding.  We have planned weddings on remote mountaintops and in foreign cities. We know that anything is possible and do not shy away from complicated logistics.


Our goal is to provide you with a calm, thoughtful process that ends with a gorgeous and meaningful wedding day . We have 20 years of collective experience in event planning so we know that every problem has a solution and can diffuse stressful moments with grace. We are resourceful problem solvers at our core, and our team’s complimentary skill sets allow us to identify challenges in advance and tackle issues efficiently. Planning your wedding should not be overwhelmingly stressful. It should be joyful, and our approach keeps the joy of your celebration at the heart of the process . We help to create lasting memories, not just for the guests, but for the you as a couple to reminisce about your engagement and wedding, and to remember the sweetest moments as a new chapter begins.
Logistically, we take on a very small number of weddings per year so we can give our all to each couple. After the inspiration session, we will spend about four months designing your wedding, with production beginning after an approved design plan is finalized.  Along with a series of three site visits, this becomes our manual for the wedding.


We typically work with wedding budgets that start at $100,000, allowing for about $1,000 per guest. See below for more info on our pricing structure and contact us for full pricing info.


The design fee is just that, the fee for designing the wedding – your inspiration session, our time spent sourcing materials/the right vendors, walk throughs at the event site and guidance directing the look and vision of the event. The design fee also includes the guidance/counseling we give you when it comes to navigating tough emotions, conversations, and over all general problem solving (family, etiquette…etc.) This fee is created based on the scope of the event.


The production fee, which puts the design into motion, is 15-20% of all signed contracts and determined based on the scope of the event. All vendor pricing and contracts are transparent. We want to give you the power of decision making while giving you guidance based on our experience.


We offer in house floral design for our couples. In order to keep the aesthetic consistent, all of our clients are required to use this service. Our florals generally start around $12,000.