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Life with a Toddler | 3.14.19

Life with a toddler and running multiple businesses – feels like I’m chasing squirrels and shiny things while pulling a college all nighter ALL at the same time. But, it’s sweet. And messy. And even though I feel incredibly overwhelmed and sad in moments, I bounce out of it quickly. The things that use to make me feel anxious don’t anymore – especially work related things. Either life has been put into perspective or I’ve gained experience which has made everything feel easier, even though I’m busier than ever. Probably both. Gratefully, both.

Memories and Epic Moments | 3.7.19

A lot of you who have followed me for a while probably remember me going to Nepal a few years ago for The Beyond Workshop. Timehop reminded me of some moments this past weekend and I shared them on Instagram. I came home from this trip a changed person and within weeks became pregnant. It’s funny how going to a place full of dirt, dust, the smell of trash and the most immense beauty I’ve ever seen continues to reflect my current life. Messy and beautiful.

Notice her sweeping with a broom in the pic below? I brought one of these Nepali brooms home with me and it hanging in my kitchen. I don’t use it, because I want to keep it pristine and I am aware that seems like the silliest thing. When I asked our guide to help me buy one, he thought I was crazy – “Why would that be the thing you take home from here?’ The memory of seeing people in Kathmandu constantly sweeping their stoops and houses to get rid of the crazy amount of dust and dirt from outside is such a strong one and I wanted the constant reminder to always care for my home like they do to be visible to me.

When we moved from the city to the mountains for a week, electricity was not always available so I made flowers for one of our shoots by candle light.

The pics below are from the sunrise over the Himalayan mountains. It was cloudy the entire week we were there so we couldn’t see the mountains at all, until one morning they finally appeared. Most epic moment of my life.

Another Year | 2.20.19

Yesterday was my birthday. Another year of growing, learning and living. It was a pretty incredible day and I’m not even mad at the fact that I haven’t slept a wink (it is 4:54am…) It might be from the insane sugar intake – cupcake for breakfast, croissant for lunch, cookies after dinner. Or, it could be the allergy medicine I took which I suspect had some sort of non-sleeping side effect that I didn’t bother to read about. Below are some snippets of a day well celebrated.

A Guest on Twirl Talk Podcast – 2|2|19

It may have taken five months to coordinate schedules but Ty and Liz from Twirl Talk Podcast (and Twirl Boutique) finally made it to the studio and we got to record my episode of Twirl Talk! Ty opened Twirl around the same time I started my business, so it was fun to reminisce and see how we’ve grown together.

I talk a lot about inspiration (surprised?) and how important it is to design your wedding around things that you love and value. As I’ve said so many times, weddings are so special because they are a true blending of you, your significant other, and your families. No wedding should be the same because no two people are the same. It’s a beautiful thing to create your own traditions and plan your own experience for your guests. This is something we honor and respect when designing and planning events for our couples – you should feel safe in being yourself and trust that we will represent you and show/tell your guests your beautiful story.❤️

At Journey + Jacobs we feel all the same things are true. Your home should be filled with the things you love. Why not surround yourself with things you feel connected to? The more fluff you throw in just because you think you are supposed to doesn’t make anything more beautiful, peaceful, or impactful. It’s just fake fluff. This applies to weddings too – a centerpiece is meaningless if you don’t care to have a centerpiece on the table – you can spend that money on a massive entry way arrangement FULL of the blooms you love and instantly show your guests what is important to you. Or, if you don’t like flowers, don’t have flowers. Spend that money on a spa day for you and your bridal party instead or put it towards your honeymoon, or hire a nicer caterer. Think freely and and choose what you love. Life is about relationships and experiences. Figure out what you value and respectfully design around that. .

Always a Deziner | 1.31.19

My very first post on my new personal blog. From my journal in 1995. I guess I’ve always had it in me, lol.